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Kumusha Bus Day 2

Kumusha Bus Day 2 started with an Open Education Resource presentation by Melikte Paulos who was quite engaged in the IT business sector as a web and mobile app developer.Melikte presentation was followed by a discussion that questioned and debated the practicability of OER in Ethiopia.

During the debate of OER in Ethiopia,our audiences raised infrastructure,public awareness,internet access as a challenge that limits people from accessing OER. Creating OER by revising and editing current open educational resources in a way  that fits with the current existing reality.As a result few initiatives were showcased  http://www.fidel.et/login/?next=/ http://www.temarinet.com/.

We have also discussed the need to design and disseminate OER that can be accessible offline that can fit to the country cultural and economic reality and in this regard Siyavula a South African  initiative was applauded for their impact in reaching out part of a society that can’t afford to have books in tablet.


The afternoon session started with a question what is the objective of Kumusha Bus a question raised by Nebiyu Sultan communication Vice President for AIESEC Ethiopia and he added “what will happen after one week activation,do we all go back to where we came from and forget Kumusha?”,as a result he suggested calling for more strategic approach towards creating a community that sustain Open Knowledge.

Following the suggestion we all agreed to start evaluating the challenges on Social Media,Addis Computer Science 4 High-school Students,CC,OER,Wikimedia and were able to come up with the challenges we identify and the role we can play as individual and representative of our organizationImageImage.ImageImage