Ethiopian Higher Education system encounters a bigger challenge when it comes to woman enrollment.The enrollment rate of woman’s to universities in regards to male is much lower while the rate of female students who got expelled from the universities is much higher than the boys.
The low enrolling capacity and high expelling rate of woman’s in the university was the main reason behind initiation of SIM also known as Social Innovation Mentors http://socialinnovationmentors.wordpress.com/.SIM was initiated by CCL(Creative Center for Leadership) http://socialinnovationmentors.wordpress.com/
The 12 month program from CCL that fosters leadership, entrepreneurship and service through a mentoring approach.The institute that was chosen to carry out the training is EIABC(Ethiopian Institute of Architecture Building Campus) along with ICE Addis (Innovation Collaboration and Entrepreneurship).
The tailored activation activated the selected female students through training like Identity Mapping that enables them to look into themselves and also to have an entrepreneurial approach by making products that can easily be made and can become marketable.
The activation of SIM didn’t just stop at 26 girls only rather the 26 selected girls went back to their former high-school and each activated around 26 girls to make everlasting impact on their society.


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