Meet Cyriac Gbogou

Born in 1980 at the town of Soubre-Cote d’Ivoire Cyriac Gbogou started his school life by studying in several countries like Togo,Senegal,Congo-Brazzaville and these all traveling happened because his father works in the Airline Industry “Air Afrique” as a result Cyriac became a pan-africanist and open minded. Cyriach works as an independent worker in Digital Communication and he is also a Chairman of practice in aviation before he became a Wikipedian Community and a blogger.
Cyriac believed in serving his community which makes him passionate about as a result he assist high school students in Tech areas.
when it comes to success Cyriac always express the happiness and joy he brought to his community as an achievement for instance using CIVSOCIAL Initiative he was able to save 82 people lives during social unrest in his country election.His biggest failure is when he fail to succeed in his plan for his community.Cyriac considers he had a failure in this year for not succeeding in enrolling 50 children in a village but financial shortage affected his plan.
Cyriac dream is to witness a united Africa


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