Let’s Get Open

Let’s Get Open,what would you make of these term Let’s Get Open am I referring to the opening of some sort of business and facility or am I just asking people to be frank and open about their life  starting  from sharing their ATM code till their email password .But it’s up to me and the people to make sure the term usage of Open is understand clearly among the public.

The following definition in wikipedia can be helpful in making our vague perception about Open and Open  Source.To avoid misunderstanding it’s great always to use the term Open Source not just Let’s Get Open that could mean anything.

open source as a development model promotes a) universal access via free license to a product’s design or blueprint, and b) universal redistribution of that design or blueprint, including subsequent improvements to it by anyone.”


Having a clear understanding about Open Source makes you protected from viral and tricky adverts that want to exploit you by referring the term Open without having a connection whatsoever with Open Source.

Some argue that the government is not open to open source idea and I like to use these analogy a door can’t open it’s  self unless you insert a key and make an effort but once when they understand it they will make the door of information to accessible like a shadow responsive doors that opens by your presence.

We have the responsibility to make the government understand about the benefits of open source rather than blaming the status quo without making an effort to change.



Now I assume you all have a better understanding about Open Source.


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