Open Movement

I still couldn’t find the appropriate term to what open space stands for but It can be a platform that allows people to access contents and materials openly or it can be a social gathering and movement toward knowledge and experience sharing.

eLearning Ethiopia social network was established with the aim of introducing eLearning technology and methods to Ethiopian Universities and TVET colleges in 2009.

The programme was mainly successful in one of the first  universities it was initiated called EiABC(Ethiopian Institute of Architecture Building and Construction).In 2011 EIABC received international quality label for it’s elearning programme in Berlin.

The other similar social network platform that was built targeting University student is Temari Net which means Student Net.The programme was initiated by DKT a company that takes the lion share in the condom supply in Ethiopia.As part of their community awareness creation programme they initiated to activate students.The platform allows students to have access to numerous books,educational videos and also reward students with prizes.

Social gathering events like and barcamp Ethiopia are also attracting a larger crowd who is very keen to network,connect and share ideas.

Embassies like the US also provide a special space called IRC(Information Resource Center) that allows people to have access to journal publications,books and literature materials from US.

Access to Open Source and Open Source Movement in Ethiopia is affected by factors like low internet connectivity,strict media regulations,non existing standard libraries and so on.


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